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July 22, 2019 | Archive , Food & Drink, Our Wines | Blog Team

Thank You For Drinking: A Summertime Wine List

As you might imagine, working for a winery has its perks. In fact, most of us are downright spoiled by the sheer variety and quality of beverage we get to enjoy on a regular basis. So we decided to check in with some of our Team Naked members to see what Summer wines they've been sipping after they clock off and begin to wind down, and why they think you should be drinking them too! Here's just a few of the wines we are loving right now to get you started!

A group of friends having a picnic drinking Naked Winery Complicated Viognier

Alaina: Winemaker - A Little Classy / A Little Sassy

"A Little Classy, A Little Sassy is the only wine I'm drinking right now. It's not too serious, meaning it's not too heavy or tannic, and it's super fruity!" Sounds like the perfect summertime red to accompany all the steaks and burgers we are slinging on the grill this time of the year.

A Little Classy, A Little Sassy is a super delicious blend of 60% Zinfandel, 31% Syrah, 9% Petite Syrah, created by Alaina for our 2019 June club shipment. You can read all about her creative process here.

two bottles of naked winery classy and sassy bottles pouring wine into one glass

Jess: Tasting Room Associate - Take Me Away Rosé

"Take Me Away Rosé is so refreshing! It's like a trip to the beach in every glass!" Nothing says Summer like an ice cold glass of rosé, especially when every bottle is like a mini beach getaway! So grab a glass, ditch your phone, and float away without leaving your A/C... It's just that good.

man holding a bottle of naked winery take me away rose

Grace: Club Naked Assistant Manager - Puma Semi-Sparkling Rose

"Puma! Love those bubbles with some frozen blueberrie! Chill it down and daymn do those colors pop... and it's so so delicious!" You can't go wrong with fresh summer fruit and chilled spritzy pink wine, they go together like sunscreen and swimming pools! Effervescent and oh so deicious! We sure do love this Summer stunner!

one bottle of Naked Winery Puma held over a fruit platter

Corina: Chief Operations Officer - Making Waves Albarino

"It's so freaking good! It's crisp, refreshing, and so Summer-y. The taste is more interesting than a Pinot Gris, but it's very sessionable like a Pinot Gris. Plus the message on the label is something I'm totally vibing with right now." Cheers to that! We are ready to dive in and make a splash with this albarino wine right now!

Woman reading a magazine with a bottle and glass of Naked Winery Making Wave Albarino in the foreground

Liz: Shipping and Marketing Coordinator - Frisky Sparkling Wine

"I am loving this Prosecco style sparkling wine. It's super refreshing on hot days and the perfect companion to any Summer spritzer, especially with Aperol!" Pass the bubbles! It's spritzer season and this summer sun is making us Frisky! We are loving this bubbly babe on all its own, litterally anytime of day (breakfast wine anyone?!) or night and is the perfect addition to some of our favorite Summer cocktails.

Picnic spread with a bottle of Naked Winery Frisky, lemon wedges, and crab

Naked Winery Team 🥂


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