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Liz Marable
November 17, 2020 | Just For Fun, Our Wines, Wine Club | Liz Marable

Off The Record Conversations with Club Naked


In honor of our newest club wine Off the Record Carmènere we sat down (virtually) and got real with our Club Naked team members Maija and Grace.

In true Zoom fashion, these lovely ladies threw on their best sweatpants and did their make-up for the first time in months to answer all of our burning Real Talk questions.

We started with a couple of ice breakers to check-in and catch up before we got down to the business of really spilling the tea. Enjoy!


What do you miss the most about our old normal? And what are you kind of unexpectedly enjoying about our new normal?

Grace: I really miss getting to hang out with Club members at all of the events that we usually do. Because that was a really big part of my day to day life, pre-COVID and now I’m not really able to do those things. So, I really used to enjoy getting to hang out and getting to know members on this whole new level. But we just did the Rogue River Rafting trip with Club Naked and that was a wonderful opportunity to get to know those people on the river so much better. However, I am enjoying that I currently live out in the middle of the woods. So I can take a quick hike at lunch and enjoy all of the wildlife, like a huge buck that was hanging out in my front yard this morning. It’s kind of fabulous. Although the reality that I am going to be shoveling a lot of snow this year is just starting to sink in.

Maija: I’ll definitely second Grace on missing Club events. Not being able to share fun things with members and have that time getting to connect with them is a bummer. The Rogue trip was so much fun! We went from doing nothing for the last 5 months to doing a four day trip with people. It was like a little teaser and I’m excited for when we are able to start events back up again. I miss the camaraderie in the office too, just seeing other people and the day to day interaction with other people that just aren’t able to happen right now. I’m also a little bit of a hermit anyway, so I feel like COVID has given me the opportunity to get into my own routine and live in my own little bubble and I kinda like it. I like the flexibility of my schedule now that I’m working from home. 

Is a hotdog a sandwich: The great dilemma of our time?

Grace: It’s a taco. Because of the way you hold it, it’s not a sandwich. Like, pizza is an open-faced sandwich, but if you fold your slice in half it’s also a taco. 

Maija: A hotdog is just one piece of bread, so it’s not a sandwich. I agree with Grace, it’s definitely a taco. I think it has a lot to do with how you hold it. 

If there were a song that would play when you walked into any room what would it be?

Grace: That’s a hard one, because no matter what you chose it would probably eventually ruin that song for you because you would hear it every time you opened a door. Like, Ugh this song again!

Maija: Probably any song by Lizzo, because no matter what it is most people are gonna be stoked and will wanna dance with you. Although I have noticed a trend where people send me songs about wine, so maybe one of those would be more appropriate. 

If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

Grace: Attached googly eyes to a building… defacing public property? Like graffiti or something.

Maija: They’d probably assume that I stole a dog.

What did you think was cool when you were younger that is not cool now?

Grace: Those butterfly barrettes. I used to put them all over my head, like a crown of butterflies.

Maija: Candy cigarettes. 

If you could come back in another life as any animal, what would you want to be and why?

Grace: I would love to come back as my dog. She is 14 and has had such a great life. She’s truly spoiled every day. 

Maija: When I was growing up I really wanted to be a horse and then my dad told me I couldn’t be a horse. So, I decided I wanted to be a dolphin instead. A dolphin would be cool. 

What is the last random act of kindness you performed?

Grace: I don’t go into public very often these days, but I’m pretty good at complimenting people. Even if I don’t know them. I like to pay compliments forward. 

Maija: This one makes me feel like I should do more nice things for people. I did just send a bottle of champagne to one of my friends, who I miss a lot.  

What fact amazes you every time you think about it?

Grace: I was listening to a podcast and one thing that I can’t wrap my head around still, is that all the people who are alive today only represent about 7% of the total number of humans who have ever lived over the course of human history. 

Maija: I’m pretty fascinated by dogs' noses and their scent abilities. I just read recently that dogs can smell a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water. Which totally blows my mind.

If you could ask your pet three questions, what would you ask them?

Grace: I would wanna know how I could make her more comfortable. Why does she act like she’s being abused when I leave her at my parent's house when I go out of town? Because I know they are spoiling her rotten, so like why is she acting like that? Do you dream as vividly as humans do?

Maija: I would wanna know are you really that excited to see me or do you just know that I’m gonna feed you? What do you want to be when you grow up? What are you gonna do with that squirrel if you catch it?

What are your favorite holiday season traditions?

Grace: Instead of doing Christmas dinner, we choose a different ethnic food and then everyone brings a dish from the country we chose. We also do a big white elephant with different themes. I think this year it will be books. So everyone brings your favorite books to exchange.

Maija: I really like cutting down my own Christmas tree. Like going into the woods and finding our tree and bringing it home to decorate. I think it’s really fun. We also like to try and watch a holiday movie every day during the month of December.

What is the best prank you’ve ever pulled?

Grace: In college three of my guy friends lived in a house across campus, and my roommate and I broke into their house. We stole all of their underwear and hung them up like prayer flags in the front of their house. They were super confused when they got home. Then they stole all of our underwear and we didn’t even notice.

Maija: My roommates in college used to have prank wars with the guys upstairs and the best one they actually did to us. They duct-taped the outside of our front door shut and then filled the space in between with packing peanuts. So when my roommate went to open the door to go to class, all of the packing peanuts just flooded into the house and then she had to kick down the duct tape to get out. It was really funny.


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