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September 11, 2019 | Archive , News, Our Wines | Blog Team

New Outdoor Vino Look. New Adventures.


We started Outdoor Vino in 2009 with a simple mission: Make wine more accessible to the places you love to be, from picnic tables to mountain tops and everywhere in between. For the past decade, we've been encouraging you to "Take It Outside" and explore. With that same sense of purpose and excitement for the great outdoors, we have redesigned and updated the look of our Outdoor Vino logo and bottles... and damn, does it look good!

The word redesign can conjure up a lot of different feelings. If you're anything like us, you find change to be exciting and full of possibilities. The Outdoor Vino redesign was lead by graphic designer Dan Cox. After Dan set the creative direction for the project, he enlisted the fun and funky style of local artist Eliza Carver to create the illustrations that make these bottles pop. Dan has been a constant figure in the outdoor community in Hood River and has some major design chops as well. So, we were stoked to be able to partner with him on this project and we love the new look he created for us!


One of the main design points we aimed to tackle when updating our adventure-ready bottle was to include some Pacific Northwest outdoor elements. The old logo has transformed from a representation of the national forest sign to an updated rugged look. Check out the before and after of the logo below...


Instead of your typical outdoor activities, we decided to think outside the box for the label artwork. By designing patterns that create a kind of map, it is intended to take you along on an adventure. That idea lead us to the design concept of "wine to wander" and evolved into a gorgeous topography of the Columbia River Gorge area. 


"Naked Winery is just as fun to work with as they are to visit! It was a tall order – we wanted something playful with lots of little discoverable bits, that represented the amazing place we live, as well as the many activities that pair nicely with this wine. After building out our brand assets– everything from a custom wordmark to taglines, to an amazing illustrated pattern by local artist, Eliza Carver, we brought it all together with packaging that is ready for your next adventure."  - DAN COX

We hope you love the new bottles as much as we do. Check out the anatomy of our new bottles below for all the details on the update, and shop our six new bottle designs HERE.

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The Naked Winery Team


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