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Lisa Laughlin
November 3, 2019 | Food & Drink, Holiday, Our Wines | Lisa Laughlin

Naked 2019 Wine Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again: the frosty mornings have returned (or maybe even the first few snowflakes), Costco has stocked their glittering reindeer yard décor, you’ve started eyeing your favorite holiday playlist (wondering how soon is too soon), and . . . it’s time to start shopping for holiday gifts.

Whether holiday shopping fills you with excitement or anxiety (or a little bit of both), Naked Winery’s wine gift guide will light the way like a certain reindeer’s nose. We know wine can help with shopping (Amazon’s one-click order button + your second glass of Cabernet is a dangerous—joyful! efficient!—combination), but a bottle of your favorite Naked wine can also be your shopping solution.

With our Naked humor and quality, even the hardest to shop for person on your list will feel like they’ve received a personal hug. From the ugly-sweater-wearing, football-binging, cheese-dip-eating coworker to your fur-coat-and-pearls grandmother who has reserved seating at the symphony, Naked wine has got you covered for gifting. No matter how your peeps celebrate the holidays, these wines will have them feeling merry and bright.

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🎁 Oh! Cabernet Sauvignon
Rule #1: Cabernet is a classic. This full-bodied red wine tastes expensive enough for the mother-in-law who loves you, but secretly (or not-so-secretly) thinks her kid could have done better. It will also please the father-in-law who only listens to classic music because anything that’s any good has already been created. The tannins in this Cab are as grippy as their ‘70s-style wallpaper. Unlike the wallpaper, this means it will only get better with age, like George Clooney. Gift to anyone who uses the phrase “they just don’t make things the way they used to.” Pairs with subtle judgment.

🎁 Take Me Away Rosè
This dry and fruity rosè is so free-spirited and flowy, your bestie from college will feel like she’s back at Coachella. It’s the flower crown of Naked wines, perfect for anyone you know who lives by the rule of YOLO. Sipped in winter, it’s a reminder of those sunny, pool-side days when you could drink at 2:00 p.m. on a Tuesday because you still had a magical thing called summer break. Gift to anyone who uses the phrase “rosè all day” like they invented it. Pairs with kale, goat cheese, and that new trendy food your bestie preaches that you’re still pretending you’ve heard of.

🎁 Outdoor Vino (6 Varietals)
Free-range fine wine. Choose from six Outdoor Vino wines for your younger sibling who discovered hiking in college and now owns more gear than REI. The reusable, BPA-free plastic bottle will fit right in with their minimalist pack (and they won’t need a corkscrew when they’re at 6,000 ft.). With a label as Instagram-worthy as their #nofilter views, this wine says “I’m outdoorsy AF, but I like a nice glass of wine with my epic mountaintop vistas.” Pairs with dehydrated meals and an unbreakable spirit.

🎁 Pounce Sparkling Wine
To some, nothing says holidays like a bit of bubbly. This effervescent wine is festive and sassy. Gift to the party host who’s as merry as Martha May Whovier from The Grinch, but still asks you to take your shoes off at the door. They’ve got multiple cheeses in perfect cubes, and their fireplace mantle looks straight out of a Pier 1 holiday catalog. Pounce bubbly will make sure no one gets their tinsel in a tangle. It’s extra dry (like your host’s smile when they hand you a coaster) and you won’t have to sweat it when you’re sipping on their perfectly white couch the way you would with a glass of red. Pairs with just-polished glassware.

🎁 “Sure Thing” Sweet White Wine
For that person in your life you really like, but don’t want to scare away. This wine’s notes of peach and pineapple provide an easy-breezy approach that will still keep serious commitment on the table with its complexity. Perfect for that new-ish person you matched with on a dating app and have been seeing regularly (if not exclusively) since early October. You haven’t defined the relationship yet, and you didn’t wear matching costumes to the Halloween party you attended together. We get where you’re at. So does this wine. It’s a sure thing no matter where your relationship stands. Pairs with optimism.

🎁 Oh! Nebbiolo
Our Nebbiolo is a class act, like your hardworking boss who puts up with a lot more BS than you realized and will appreciate a bottle of sanity. Their work-life balance is wildly off-kilter, but they’ve gotten pretty good at negotiating a phone conference while silently directing their kids like air traffic control. This bold wine will make them slow down and take a minute (just one) between reading emails to sniff the cranberries. It’s as bright and vibrant as their color-coded spreadsheets and multitasks with flavors of dark berry fruit and spice. Make sure you get the rest of the office to chip in and Venmo you their fair share. Pairs with an overpacked work calendar.

🎁 “Fugly Sweater” Cabernet Sauvignon
This is your one-size-fits-all holiday wine. It can go from the Secret Santa office party to the ugly sweater neighborhood bash and maintain as much holiday spirit as Will Ferrell in Elf on a syrup bender. With notes of dried cherries and baking spices, it’s cozy and approachable, unlike that thrift store Christmas sweater you purchased. (Wasn’t laundry detergent supposed to help with the itching?) Bad sweater choices and dance moves aside, this wine will say “I have a sense of humor AND great taste in wine.” Pairs with tacky—we mean festive!—knitted sweaters and socks that say MISTLE TOES.  

Download our full 2019 Holiday Wine Gift Guide HERE.

🥂 Cheers, Naked Winery Team | Lisa Laughlin


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