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Kelly Medler
April 29, 2010 | Archive | Kelly Medler

How Do you Wine?

When I think back to my best glasses of wine, I find more then just taste plays factor to my decision.  From tailgates to snowboarding to camping on the coast drinking out of a tin cup,one of my favorite wine glasses was after a kiteboarding session on the Columbia River.  I posed this question to several people recently and I have seen an overwhelming response with one thing in common. Wine is naturally enhanced by the romance of a person or the romance of the great outdoors and that great taste and great memories are linked.


If you look at the human senses there are only 5 different flavors. Pretty weak if you are wanting the most out of your wine glass. Lets move to smell then. Smell can greatly enhance the tasting experience. Your sniffer can pick up thousands of different nuances and when you exhale all those little smells become contributed to the flavor in your mouth. Boost in the right direction. What about taste and memories? According to the NY times "taste, like smell, bypasses the part of the mind that is logical and educable and travels directly to the primitive brain, seat of instinct and memory."  A recent study has shown the memory created with the first taste of something is the strongest and determines most of ones reaction to the taste in the future. If your first bite of broccoli was in a stressful environment with grandma scolding you and you didn't like the taste, you likeliness to eat that again and feel good is diminished. However, that first glass of wine in a romantic environment with a loved one or in the great outdoors links those good feelings with the taste and you subconsciously seek out that taste again to revisit the memory.

I am a true believer that the experience of wine is often greater then the taste of wine. Linking a great experience with the taste of wine makes each glass tenfold more enjoyable. Next time you have a new wine to try, I challenge you to create the "best taste" environment possible. Leave the tasting room, go out side, have a BBQ with good friends and then give it a first try. I think you will like the flavor.


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