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Lisa Laughlin
October 6, 2019 | Archive , Events, Food & Drink, Holiday | Lisa Laughlin

BOOyah! How to Throw an Adult(ish) Halloween Party

Throwing an adult(ish) Halloween party means embracing all the things you loved about Halloween as a kid, but celebrating that you choose wine over apple cider now. (Nothing against apple cider, here.) You’re youthful at heart, but your idea of a party can also be embodied in a sip of knock-your-socks-off, palette-awing Nebbiolo. Luckily, throwing an adult(ish) Halloween party is all about mixing the light-hearted and the elegant. The cheap pizza rolls and the rich blue cheese. The neon-orange Halloween Oreos and your favorite bottle of NAKED wine. All you need to pull together any of your favorite elements in the form of a great party is a bit of magic, a bit of mischief, and a bit of hocus pocus.

A BIT OF MAGIC (décor)

  • First of all, faux cobwebs are a must. They’re cheap, create a dramatic effect, and have the perfect adult(ish) vibe. (You can even text your mother saying there was a reason you weren’t dusting all these months.) Add confetti, glitter, large balloon spiders, small spiders, bats...whatever you can imagine would get stuck in a cobweb. Not that you’d know.
  • Next, get a pile of pumpkins. Large, small, painted purple or green—any assortment of pumpkins can start off the night strewn around the party for decoration and turn into a competitive pumpkin carving contest. Have some pumpkin carving tools, tealight candles, and a cheap plastic tablecloth on hand so your guests can spread out on the floor without making a mess.
  • To amp up your atmosphere, throw on a party playlist. You can customize your own or choose a playlist like Naked's on Spotify  “Ultimate Halloween Party Playlist.” (Warning: good alcohol + good tunes may lead to an impromptu dance party.)
  • Remember, décor is where you can layout the vibe, whether it’s classy or sassy. Use orange glitter, skull confetti, black streamers, or any of your typical Halloween décor to make your party shine in the details! Don’t forget to plan a surprise in the bathroom, where most of your guests will visit, whether it’s a skeleton in the shower, plastic spiders in the soap jar, or eyeballs on the inside of the toilet lid. Spooky.

A BIT OF MISCHIEF (drinks and food)

  • Wine: Let guests pick their poison, so to speak. Naked has a lot of options that easily translate to an adult(ish) Halloween party theme...Vixen Syrah, Diva Sangiovese, Dominatrix Pinot Noir... just saying, folks are already in costume. Have fun with it!
  • Cocktails: It’s nice to stock a few hard alcohol choices, like whiskey or gin, and some beer for your party guests who aren’t into wine. (It’s okay...we all have those friends.) You can also make some Halloween-themed red wine cocktails. (We like Apothic’s list of red wine cocktail recipes.)
  • Blind Tasting: Cover up a wine bottle with your own label, proclaiming it “vampire blood,” “love potion,” or whatever fits your party flair. Make a blind wine tasting event, however formal or informal you’d like. Guests can simply vote on their favorite wine or try to guess the correct varietal for a prize.
  • Water: To avoid any spooky hangovers, label a pitcher of cold water “mermaid tears” and encourage your guests to hydrate. It’s for the mermaids!
  • Spooky Snacks: Hallo-peño Poppers, Hallo-weiners, Baked Zom-beans—we’re going to go ahead and give you license to create as many punny Halloween appetizers as possible. When else will you be able to seriously ask someone, “How did you like the spaghetti and eyeballs?” You can also keep it simple and embrace the flavors of fall with cinnamon rolls, butternut squash soup, or anything pumpkin flavored. (Apparently, pumpkin spice puppy chow is a thing...you should probably check that out, as it sounds like it goes smashingly with wine.)

A BIT OF HOCUS POCUS (activities)

  • Play some classic Halloween movies in the background of your party. The movie isn’t the focus (because you and your friends are entertaining enough when you have alcohol, am-I-right?), but playing a film that fits your theme will add to the party vibe. That may involve playing Hocus Pocus over and over again until it seems like you’re the parents in the movie’s dance party caught in an infinite loop of high-spirited bliss, dancing till they die. We can think of worse parties.
  • Paint pumpkins or wine bottles—the best decorator wins a prize! This can be a chill ice breaker to get your party rolling while watching the aforementioned Halloween movie.
  • Make your own witch’s brew with guests by making root beer from scratch. The dry ice in this recipe doubles as a special effect! Guests can take turns stirring the cauldron. For larger parties, make the root beer in a cooler. Root beer floats for dessert!
  • Play Minute to Win it Games. This takes a bit more forward planning, but it will be rewarding to watch your friends compete in costume at minute-to-win-it style Halloween games, like Pumpkin Bowling, Face the Cookie, or Fear Factor (take on adult-type foods like tofu! Octopus! Stinky cheese!) We won’t explicitly say these games are more fun when you’re drinking a glass of Naked Winery wine, but nonscientific studies have shown a correlation.

With this bit of magic, mischief, hocus pocus, and your favorite Naked wines, your Adult-ISH Halloween party will be one to remember. If you're not into throwing your own party let us do it for you. Stop by our Hood River, Bend and Seaside Tasting Rooms on Oct-31 for some Hallowine Trick-or-Treating! More info here.

🥂 Cheers,
Naked Winery Team | Lisa Laughlin


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