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October 23, 2019 | Archive , Food & Drink, Holiday, Our Wines | Blog Team

7 Wines You Should be Drinking this Christmas

‘Tis the season for clinking wine glassed and cheersing with your loved ones over the holidays. Christmas is that time of year where you get to spend cozy evenings inside, sharing laughs and memories over a glass of wine. So, whether you’re a self-proclaimed vino connoisseur, like to enjoy a glass of red and get toasty in front of the fireplace or know someone who is looking for the perfect wine gift box sets for their holiday shenanigans, we have the perfect selection of Christmas wines for you.

Sweet White Wine that Pairs Perfectly With Turkey

Our Recommendation: Side Dish Riesling

What’s better than feasting on an incredible holiday meal with all of your loved ones? Doing it with a glass of the best sweet wine, of course, but which white wine gift set should you bring? The secret to finding the perfect wine to pair with your holiday feast is to look for one that balances the richness of a heavy turkey dinner. Our bottle of Side Dish Riesling is the ultimate pairing. It has just the right amount of sweetness & acidity with aromas of green apple and pineapple that go perfectly with turkey.

Oh Hey Rosé With The Ladies

Our Recommendation: Take Me Away  Rosé

For the holiday nights spent in with the ladies, pour a glass of our fruity Rosé wine for impromptu selfies, deep dark secret-telling (that might get you on the Naughty List), and for a night you will always remember… Or not remember – to each their own. Take Me Away Rosé is the perfect Rosé for Christmas, offering fruity splashes of kiwi and strawberry that all of your girlfriends are sure to love.

Pairing White Meat with Medium Bodied Red Wine

Our Recommendation: Dominatrix Pinot Noir

Perhaps you’re more of a red-wine-type-of-gal. Stick with medium-bodied wines that have low to medium tannin and higher acidity, such as a Dominatrix Pinot Noir. These types of red wines pair flawlessly with a Christmas dinner and everyone loves a rich glass of a classic, making our Pinot Noir gift basket one of the top red wine gift ideas for the holidays as well.

Red Trio for Holiday Gift Giving and Entertaining

Our Recommendation: Red Wine Gift Pack

Bring the three best selling reds that come in this red wine gift pack and you’ll be a hit at the party. In this red wine gift set, you receive a bottle of Naked Merlot, Naked Pinot Noir, and Climax Red Blend – our top three red wines of the year. This trio of red is the perfect red wine gift set for the holidays. So, whether you’re looking for the best gift ideas for wine drinkers or red wine gifts to bring to a holiday party, you’ve found it.

Sparkling Wine for Christmas Celebrations

Our Recommendation: You’re Awesome Sparkling Wine Gift Set

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a sparkling wine gift set that turns the holidays into a celebration. And let’s get serious here, ladies - Christmas is a celebration. You made it through all of the ups and downs that came with the past 12 months and if that isn’t something to pull out the sparkling wine for, we don’t know what is. So, pop that bottle of sparkly and cheers to surviving the last year.

Sparkling Wine Gift Set for Bottle-Popping Memories

Our Recommendation: Bubbly 3-Pack Wine Gift Set

And if it’s been one hell of a year for someone you know (or if you just really like some vino) our Sparkling Wine Gift set is the ultimate sparkling wine gift set. In this Bubbly Wine set, you get a bottle of Pounce, Frisky and Puma, which basically sums up our idea of a good night! Pounce has a ripe autumn peach aroma with hints of white pear, a refreshing Champagne that is perfect for kicking off the holidays; our Frisky is made in a prosecco style with a delectable blend of white peaches and green apple and the third body in the set, Puma, is a semi-sparkling white wine with delicious notes of strawberry and orange creamsicle, which is the perfect way to end the night.

Online Wine Gifts for An Overflow of Christmas Memories

Recommendation:  Join Club Naked

We all have that one person on our holiday buying list (ahem, ourselves) who can never have too many wine gift sets. It can be quite tricky to purchase wine gift ideas for our vino-loving friends because you just never know what red wine basket they already have hidden in the cellar or what Pinot Noir gift set someone else is planning on giving them. For these friends on your Naughty or Nice list, a wine club gift is a must.

Our Club Naked is one of the best wine gift ideas around, as it keeps the vino flowing – and all the memories that follow. You have the choice of red wine gifts, whites only, a mix of both or some sweet wines and as a bonus, we do the presentation and delivery for you! If you aren’t sure what your vino-loving friends prefer, Gift a Package and let them get Naked on their own terms.

🥂 Cheers,

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