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Liz Marable
January 22, 2020 | Archive , Events, Our Wines | Liz Marable

2017 Orgasmic Cabernet Sauvignon 🏆 ​Liquid Gold

We’re not usually the type to brag about these things. At Naked Winery we tend to focus on creating a memorable experience for our guests, instead of spouting off tasting notes and technical details. But let’s be real, our friends come to see us because they like to spend time with us… and they like our wine. In fact, there is a lot of hard work, dedication, and pride that goes into every bottle of Naked Wine. So, when we do submit wine to competition, more often than not, the results tend to reflect our passion and craft in the form of shiny medals and high ratings. Well, our 2017 Orgasmic Cabernet Sauvignon was no exception. We were blown away by the Double Gold, 97 point score it was given at the San Francisco International Wine Competition in November. 

person holding a bottle of 2017 Orgasmic Cabernet Sauvignon

Turns out, Naked Winery is producing some damn fine wine right here in Hood River, Oregon. The kind of wines that are holding their own next to world-class Napa Cabs. I asked our winemaker Alaina Waller to give me some insight into what makes this vintage of Cab Sauv in particular so special, here’s what she had to say about it. 

Two hands in the shape of a heart holding a bunch of Naked Winery Grapes

The fruit we used for this wine is a relatively even split between the ultra-premium blocks we had in Red Mountain (Red Mt. AVA, WA), Gunkel Vineyard (Maryhill, Columbia Valley, WA), and Echo Vineyard (Columbia Valley, OR). We used a vast array of yeasts within those three main lots to create another layer of complexity once they were all blended together. Also, Fifty percent of the barrels we used were new World Coop American oak. The 2017 harvest was a lot like this most recent 2019 harvest, minus the rain. It got really cold right in the middle, growers and winemakers kinda freaked out, and then we had a big rush to get all the fruit out of the field at the very end. 

Orgasmic Wine company wine cork attached to a wine opener resting on a counter top

We tried to style our 2017 Oh! Cab to be a similar style as Napa Cabernet. About 80% of the wine we make is generally very approachable and needs no food pairing or small glass pours. Whereas, the Oh! Cabernet Sauvignon fits into the far reaches of our portfolio to fill the need for a red wine with higher tannin, big body, and something that will surely get better with age. I don't wanna say buy this wine and don't touch it for years. However, if you do buy a bottle, it will be better than you ever remembered as time goes on, so buy two! One, for now, one for later.

🥂 Cheers,
Naked Winery Team


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